Batelco Extends its Global Reach to Asia Pacific Region with New Point of Presence

December 24, 2017

New PoP Deployed to Ensure Diversity and Resilience for Customers

Batelco, as a major player in the global telecommunications industry, continues to grow its global presence through its strategic global network expansion projects. As part of its ongoing efforts, Batelco recently completed an initiative aimed at extending its global network reach to Singapore, recognised as a leading hub in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

The project includes connecting Singapore to Batelco’s global network using two submarine cable systems to provide high availability solutions for Batelco’s global customers and ensure maximum diversity and resiliency.

Batelco’s expansion projects are designed to support the growth of the Company’s global business while ensuring network diversity, avoiding single points of failure, providing better country resilience and efficient use of international capacities.

Batelco Chief Global Business Officer, Adel Al Daylami said, “The APAC region is an important growth area for us and our new provisioning will ensure that our enterprise customers and international carriers will benefit from a reliable end-to-end service offering.”

Batelco today has more than 28 PoPs deployed around the globe with a focus on the MENA region and the new PoP will extend the geographical coverage of Batelco’s global network offering enhanced services to the APAC region.

“Our customers based in the Asia Pacific regions are now enabled to reach Batelco’s Middle East Network on a highly available network with the shortest latency. Likewise customers in the Middle East will also benefit by a superior service for their communications with APAC countries,” Mr. Al Daylami said.

Batelco’s Global expansion projects allow them to offer a superior customer experience to more businesses regionally and around the world thanks to the high quality resilient global network. Batelco’s delivery is further enhanced through their strengths in project management, continuous service monitoring through advanced tools and additionally through strong after-sales support.