Batelco’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign for Employees is a Success

October 30, 2019

Batelco announced the success of its ‘Think Pink’ initiatives held by the Corporate Social Responsibility team ‘Nasna’. There were a number of internal and external initiatives held in collaboration with a number of entities throughout the month of October, in a bid to spread awareness on Breast Cancer.

As part of the campaign, a number of breast cancer specialists and cancer survivors were invited to share their personal experience with fighting the disease. As part of the sessions, participants also gave advice on the importance of early detection, self-awareness and allocating time to health. Additionally, the ‘Nasna’ team supported the surrounding community by participating in the Bahrain Cancer Society’s annual walkathon.

The company’s employees expressed their delight at the initiatives launched by the Company, particularly the interactive sessions, which contributed towards increasing both their knowledge and awareness of the disease, in addition to its causes and prevention.

Batelco ‘Nasna’ strives to take part in initiatives organized by the community and by different organizations in order to contribute towards the betterment of the local society. ‘Nasna’ is also keen to establish a variety of programmes and initiatives throughout the year in line with its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

Batelco extends its sincere thanks and gratitude to those who have contributed to the success of this campaign, particularly Ms. Dayana Al Shaikh and the London Breast Care Centre for offering exclusive offers to employees.