Batelco Employees Honoured at Grow & Empower Awards Ceremony

August 24, 2021

Batelco held a virtual awards ceremony to celebrate employees who have successfully completed management and leadership training programmes offered by the company. The two programmes, ‘GROW’ and ‘Empower’, are part of Batelco’s initiatives created to develop the company’s Bahraini talent.

Fifty-five Batelco employees completed the ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management) Level 3 programme, ‘GROW’, while eleven members of Batelco’s management completed the ILM Level 4, ‘Empower’. The teams were presented with certificates from ILM and a gift from Batelco to honour their achievements.

Commenting on the awards ceremony, Batelco Chief Human Resources Officer Faisal Al Jalahma said, Batelco’s ongoing Talent Development Center Project, established in 2019, focusses on empowering the Company’s Bahraini talents, creating more opportunities for them to thrive as they are groomed for potential future leadership roles within the organisation. We are proud of the continuous achievements of our team members, as our human capital is what really determines our value as an organisation.”

“Batelco has continuously emphasised the importance of honing the skills and talents of its workforce. We strive to instil leadership and management qualities within members of our teams and enable them to set the standard in creating a high-performance organisational culture. An important element of the development programme is to encourage innovation which can support the delivery of best-in-class products and services, ultimately leading to an enhanced experience for Batelco customers,” he added.

“Through our collaboration with the Institute of Leadership and Management, we were able to successfully equip our team members with the necessary knowledge to distinguish themselves in the workplace and advance their careers,” he concluded.

The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) based in the UK is a professional membership body for leaders and managers. ILM offers its programmes on a global scale and delivers world class leadership tools and resources to help unlock individual and business potential.