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OneBox is a digital mailbox from Beyon Connect, that is free for customers and will let you securely receive digital mail and communications all in one place, with options to store for life. OneBox is your personal, simple, secure, phishing free, spam and scam free communications app.

How does OneBox work?

OneBox is extremely easy to use. As a Batelco customer, you can simply register your account and start receiving your bills, reminders and access an increasing number of value-added services in the future. You will be notified when you receive a new communication in your inbox, safe in the knowledge that it has been sent from a trusted sender.

Why should I start using OneBox?
  • With OneBox you can register your account for FREE
  • Access via a simple and convenient app
  • Spam and scam free digital mailbox and communications app with trusted senders
  • Keep track of all your important documents and correspondence
  • Organise your documents and correspondence in a way that works for you
  • Value added services and functions being continually added
  • Protect the environment using a sustainable, paper-free solution
How can I register for my free OneBox account?

Here is how you can register for your free OneBox account:

To register your OneBox account, make sure your OnelD account is set up and ready to go.

OneID is a digital identity wallet used to digitally verify your identity for online services, including OneBox.


Download the Beyon OneID and the Beyon OneBox mobile apps from App Store or Google Play

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Beyon OneBox

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