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Fifth-generation wireless, or 5G as it is known, is the evolution of 4G technology. 5G empowers businesses to connect to the world by delivering tremendous speeds and capacity, reliable mobile networks, reduced latency as well as enabling a large number of devices to connect to cell sites.
The much-anticipated 5G network will allow businesses of all types to reap the benefits of enhanced mobility, flexibility, reliability and security. 

with Batelco 5G for business

5G promises to enable truly exciting possibilities for businesses and society. Sectors that will see massive changes include healthcare (remote surgery), education (online learning), manufacturing (increased automation), finance (advanced algorithms), and transport (autonomous vehicles and drone control).

5G powered businesses use this technology as a toolbox to solve business challenges, meaning:

  • Business operations can be fully automated
  • Business processes, even critical ones, are run remotely
  • Business processes are controlled in real-time
  • Businesses enjoy higher security levels

Why 5G?

Ultimate speed 

5G is 3 times faster than 4G, enabling uploads, downloads, and connections in a blink

Ultimate device capacity 

5G can handle much more devices transferring larger data with ease – a limitation that 4G faces

Ultimate flexibility 

The revolutionary connectivity connects devices, IoT and people through the most sophisticated technology

Ultimate reliability  

The predictive system senses and eliminates disruptions well ahead of time, enabling always-on connectivity

Ultimate safety   

AI and automation combine to prevent the most advanced security system to protect your data – a feature that is built into the DNA of 5G

Ultimate low-latency 

5G’s powerful system eliminates data transfer latency to its lowest gap, enabling the best possible functioning of IoT devices

Did you know?

Start your journey to a 5G world with Batelco today 

Batelco offers a wide range of flexible plans that best suit your business requirements. Experience a whole new level of opportunities

Batelco 5G Coverage map

Broadband packages 

  • 5G indoor + outdoor solution is free with a 24 months contract only with an installation charge of once-off BD 60 or BD 2.5 on 24 months installments.
  • The free 5G indoor + outdoor solution is not available for the Essential package.
  • All stated prices are exclusive of 10% VAT.