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Restaurant Management Solutions

Manage your restaurant with a click

Do you own a food truck, street pop, or small to a medium-sized restaurant?

Directing food orders, inventory and employee management, menu adjustments and more can be overwhelming 


But it doesn’t have to be.

From the front of the house to the back of the house and everything in-between, Foodics by Batelco manages all of your restaurant operations and vastly improves your customer’s experience. It’s the all-in-one restaurant management and Point of Sale system that automates, streamlines, and optimizes hundreds of restaurant operations. 

Cashier Point-of-Sale 
Supercharge your operations with simple installation, seamless updates, offline functionality and automatic sync. Foodics by Batelco manages everything while your staff uses the user-friendly graphical interface for access to real-time transactions.

Inventory Management 
Monitor your inventory levels minute by minute online from anywhere. You can set stock level notifications, purchase stock ahead of time and minimize food wastage. 

Smart Analytics and Reports  
Big Data gets you real-time analytics and reports. Track earnings, sales, profits and costs in real-time from anywhere. Special reports are included that allow you to get insight into sales and optimize your operations.

Waiter Digital Menu 
Create a digital customizable menu that can change with a click of a button. Customers can also add extras or make any changes to their order even after it’s been taken.

Employee Timesheet 
Manage the rush with balanced employee shifts with daily attendance and timing reports to allocate the right number of staff.

Kitchen Display System 
Avoid order mistakes and delays and increase efficiency in the kitchen with Kitchen Display System that avoids human errors and reduces food waste.

Table Management
Increase table turnaround time and enhance your customer’s experience by assigning customers to the appropriate tables. 

Call Center Management
Increase sales through telephone ordering and gain loyalty as the app saves your customer’s name, telephone number, and address. 

Customer Notifier
The Notifier App updates customers about the process of their orders, letting them track how soon they’ll have their food. 

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