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A simple IoT based solution that increases the efficiency of your property

Smart Property

If you are a property owner in Bahrain, you may have a number of concerns about your property.

  • Is retaining or attracting high-value tenants a problem?
  • Are you spending more on maintaining your property or properties?
  • Are you noticing higher energy consumption than you would like?
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Batelco offers, a simple IoT based solution that increases the efficiency of your property

Batelco Smart Property is designed for contemporary living because it completely automates a property, making living convenient. It is a great tool to manage a property or multiple units and It maximizes energy efficiency.

For multiple property owners, property management simplified

One solution for all properties

A digital tool for the property owner to leverage as a communication channel with tenants

Provides online interaction and fosters a contactless environment between tenants and facility managers

Provides additional information and control over the assets of properties

A centralised system to manage all properties, including vacant ones

Can be integrated into Facility Management software

Home Automation makes properties more appealing

Tenants will find Smart Property-equipped properties a better choice

Increase the value of the property that translates to tenants having complete peace of mind, being in control of all devices and equipment within the property

Provides your property with premium safety and security features that help decrease insurance premiums

Attract and retain high-value tenants

Batelco Smart Property Benefits

  • AI-based analytics

    AI-based analytics enables continual monitoring of energy efficiencies and thereby provide usage improvement

  • Continual intelligence

    Continual intelligence can report anomalies in usage and also in energy bills by comparison of previous bills

  • Scheduled based

    Enable scheduled based operation of equipment and devices within the property

  • Energy consumption

    Provide energy consumption analysis per room or area of property

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