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Device Trade-in

Device Trade-In

Getting a new device can be expensive, trade-in your old device for a voucher towards a new one.

Type your device name or IMEI code
? Dial *#06# To get your IMEI number

How do I trade-in?

Check if you are eligible to purchase a new device from Batelco

Visit any Batelco shop or call 196 to check your eligibility

Check the value of your device

Visit the City Center Batelco Shop to value your phone
Check our trade-in estimator above to see what your device is worth

Reset your device

Back up your device and ensure the Found my Phone is turned off
Reset your device to factory settings

Bring the device you would like to trade-in to the Batelco Shop in City Center

Get a voucher to purchase the latest devices from Batelco