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Modernization of the Mobile Network

The Modernization of Our Mobile Network


As part of our continuous efforts to enhance Batelco’s mobile network, the 2G network will be phased out to provide you with the best mobile experience on 3G, 4G and 5G mobile networks. 

The 2G network will be phased out by 30th November 2021. All 2G device users are urged to upgrade their devices and replace their SIM Cards ( if applicable) to benefit from 3G/4G/5G network.

Why are we phasing out 2G?

The world is changing and as more advanced mobile devices are on the market, telecom operators need to prepare themselves for the newer technologies. To be able to offer a fast connection to all of these devices on our network, the 2G network will be switched off to release the radio frequencies for higher technologies such as 3G,4G & 5G.

The Benefits of the 2G Shutdown

Faster Speed

The latest mobile generation is 20,000 times faster than 2G. That is why we are upgrading our mobile network to make room for future generations of the mobile network. 


Utilizing the capacity currently used by 2G to higher mobile technologies will enable us to meet the rapidly growing demands of our customers. Rapid end-to-end latency (the time it takes for data to travel from the user, over the network to the central processor, and back again) will be one of the drivers of true technological change.


You can really hear the difference between 2G and the new HD voice calls offered by the latest mobile generations. The difference is unbelievable, with high-quality voice calls.

Common 2G Devices on Batelco’s Network

Modernization of the Mobile Network

What do you need to know about the 2G Shutdown? 

To ensure you have a smooth transition to a better mobile experience, Batelco will be contacting all customers who are still using 2G only enabled mobile devices and provided and assisting you with the switchover to a new 3G/4G/5G enabled device.

What is happening and when?

By the end of November 2021 it will no longer be possible to use 2G devices on the Batelco Network.

What should I do?

Check whether your device is affected and replace it prior to the 2G Network shutdown. You can check your device specifications either by looking at your device manual or searching your device model name online. You may also contact Batelco to find out your service type and whether or not you need to upgrade your service.

Can Batelco help?

Yes, Batelco is offering an affordable 3G/4G compatible device only for 2G device users. Check our eShop.


Do you have another question about 2G switch off? Please contact 196 or visit us at the Batelco Shop.