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Batelco’s Reference Offer of its Regulated Wholesale Products and Services

  • Body Terms
  • Batelco Joint Working Manual
  • Service description ISI
  • Customer Sited Interconnection Service
  • PSTN Terminating Access Service
  • International Inbound Calls to Bateco Mobile Phones
  • Service description ITAS
  • Service Description IPLC
  • Service Description WSDSL
  • ICLSA Service Description
  • National Collect Call Service
  • Inbound International Collect Call Service
  • Wholesale IDD
  • International Operator Assisted Call Service
  • Directory Listing Service
  • Service Request New Service
  • Service Request New Service
  • Billing and Collection
  • Ordering and Provisioning
  • Fault Management
  • Facilities Access Services
  • Dictionary and Rules of Interpretation and Construction
  • Supply Terms
  • Wholesale Access Order Form
  • Service description Mobile Terminating Access Service
  • Service description SMS Terminating Access Service
  • Service description Emergency Call Access Service
  • Service description Freephone Originating Access Service
  • Service description MMS Delivery Service
  • Service description PSTN Transit
  • Directory Assistance
  • International Inbound Calls to Batelco Fixed phone