Batelco Marks the Occasion of Bahrain’s Mothers’ Day

March 21, 2018

Batelco Staff Visit Muharraq Social Welfare Centre to Celebrate the Occasion

Batelco has marked the occasion of Mothers’ Day in Bahrain with a visit to retirees at Muharraq Social Welfare Centre to distribute gifts. Batelco management and a number of staff were delighted to have the opportunity to visit the residents of Muharraq Social Welfare Centre and hand out gifts of perfume and chocolate to mark the special day.

The elderly play a very prominent part in Bahraini family life and Batelco was very pleased to present gifts to them to show appreciation for their efforts in building the Kingdom of Bahrain that we have today.

Batelco Head of Corporate Communications & Marketing Shaikh Bader Al Khalifa, who led the visit, said that Batelco’s CSR activities strive to have a positive impact on all sectors of the community and all age groups.

“We are keen to include our staff in such activities and we were very pleased that a number of them joined in the visit to spend some time with the elderly,” he added.