Batelco and BIBF Sign Memorandum of Understanding

May 2, 2018

Partnership aimed at enhancing digital learning opportunities for Batelco

Batelco has signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Bahrain Institute of Banking & Finance (BIBF) as part of endeavours to develop and enhance digital learning opportunities. Under the agreement, the BIBF will provide training programmes, focusing digital learning contents, and development solutions, designed to deliver new and enhanced opportunities for Batelco’s employees.

In line with its digital strategy, Batelco is developing a Digital Talent Academy and the BIBF will support through providing relevant training content. A key deliverable of the agreement will be the accessibility of learning opportunities for Batelco’s employees. Additionally Batelco and the BIBF will focus on gamification and new generation learning models to further enhance the programme and benefit both organisations.

The partnership agreement was signed by Batelco Bahrain CEO Mohamed Bubashait and BIBF Director Dr. Ahmed Abdul Hameed Al-Shaikh at a recent meeting which was held at Batelco’s HQ in Hamala.

Following the signing of the agreement, Mr. Bubashait said that Batelco was very pleased to enter into the memorandum of understanding with BIBF to support Batelco’s evolving training and development programmes for its staff.

“Learning and Development is an essential part of Batelco’s framework and staff already benefit from a wide range of learning opportunities in the classroom and online. The collaboration with the BIBF will take digital learning to a new era to be in line with our growing requirements as a leader in the digital communications industry,” he added.

Dr. Al Shaikh said that the BIBF was delighted to continue its relationship with Batelco through the signing of a new agreement, which will provide a number of mutual benefits for both organisations.

“This partnership comes at a time when digitalization across all industries is growing and more organisations recognise its importance for delivery of better results. At the BIBF we strive to be innovative and a leader in the delivery of training and educational programmes for individuals and organisations in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We know that ongoing professional development plays a tremendous role in the success of any organisation,” added Dr. Al Shaikh.