Batelco Global Expansion Plans in Full Speed

December 21, 2015

**With a growing global partnership portfolio, the latest agreement sees Batelco partner with Turk Telekom International**

Batelco, in keeping with its global expansion plans, has signed a series of agreements with different operators across the world. Turk Telekom International (TTI) now joins Batelco’s diversified portfolio of global partners. Turk Telekom International is a leading telecommunication operator in Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, Caucasus, the Middle East and Asia, providing a full range of Internet and data infrastructure, data center and wholesale voice services and solutions.

Batelco stresses the importance of forming strategic partnerships with organisations that share a similar vision, to drive its growth plans forward and provide exceptional value to its customers. The new cooperation with Turk Telecom fits neatly with Batelco’s major plans to expand its global presence and solidify its global data offerings.

Global data connectivity has become a necessity for businesses as operations are increasingly digitised and data intensive. Accordingly, the availability of a resilient and reliable data connection can be considered as a crucial element required by these businesses. The Batelco-Turk Telekom International agreement will meet this demand and further support organisations with their complex world-wide connectivity requirements.

Batelco Chief Global Business Officer Adel Al-Daylami and Turk Telekom International CEO Cengiz Oztelcan signed the agreement in the presence of officials from both organisations recently.

This new partnership will allow the two organisations to access each other’s networks thereby enabling them to extend their reach into newer markets. This will further reinforce Batelco’s positioning, especially in the Middle Eastern and Eurasian regions, and will allow customers and carriers more access and reliability. Similarly, Turk Telekom International will be able to utilise Batelco’s presence to reach its customers in more locations.

“We are continuing with our expansion plans at a very rapid pace,” said Mr. Al-Daylami.

“We are looking forward to the partnership with Turk Telekom International and are sure it will open new avenues of cooperation for both our organisations allowing us to provide services at outstanding value,” added Mr. Al Daylami.

“Additionally, this partnership is likely to strengthen the Bahraini market as partnerships with well-established operators like Turk Telekom International help Batelco in being a driving force to capture investment opportunities for the Kingdom of Bahrain,” he added.

“Mr. Oztelcan said the new partnership is another milestone in Turk Telekom International‘s history and it further boosts TTI’s geographical expansion into new markets.”

“It is our pleasure to partner with a leading company like Batelco which has been scoring tremendous successes in the area of reliable and sustainable connectivity. This partnership will allow both of us to provide world class connectivity through the joint networks,” Mr. Oztelcan added.