Batelco Partners with London Business School to Develop Young Bahraini Talents

June 14, 2021

Batelco has partnered with the internationally recognised London Business School (LBS), to provide a tailored, first-of its kind executive talent programme in Bahrain, which will see a number of Batelco’s aspiring young talents developed for senior roles within the organisation. The partnership marks the first time that the London Business School has created an executive talent programme to develop the next generation of leaders for the telecom industry in Bahrain.

The two-phased programme consists of 6-months of training, covering six modules to develop strategic leadership skills, by attending virtual training sessions with renowned members of the LBS faculty. The participants will later also go to the LBS campus in London, where they will have the opportunity to put the learnings from their training into action through engaging discussions and a final project. The Batelco participants will also be making site visits to technology leaders in the United Kingdom to learn from their experiences and success stories.

Dean of London Business School François Ortalo-Magné said: “At London Business School, we are delighted to form a new partnership with Batelco to develop its talented future leaders. Our first such strategic learning partnership in the Kingdom of Bahrain, this builds on our global experience and also our experience of working with many executives within the Kingdom who have attended our degree and executive programmes, contributing to the strength of our local alumni network. We are looking forward to the development of an enduring and successful relationship that delivers sustainable individual and organisational impact for Batelco.”

Batelco Chief Human Resources Officer Faisal Al Jalahma said “We are extremely proud of our first of-a-kind tailor-made executive talent programme developed in partnership with the London Business School. This is part of Batelco’s ongoing commitment to elevate industry skills and expertise of promising young Bahrainis from within the Company and follows the launch of our Leadership Development Programme in 2020.”

“A core objective of the programme is to support Batelco with its succession planning by building competencies from within the organisation, through nurturing a strong young team who can fulfil leadership roles in the future and create success stories both for Batelco and for Bahrain’s telecommunications sector. The LBS programme is designed to build industry-specific capabilities with young team members who can lead Batelco’s future digital strategy. Additionally, the knowledge gained will ultimately contribute to an enhanced experience for Batelco’s customers.”

“National skill development has been a core pillar of Batelco’s strategy, and this programme reiterates the Company’s role in creating opportunities in the telecommunications sector to meet the evolving needs of the agile economy and the dynamic nature of the ICT industry,” Mr. Al Jalahma added.