Batelco Rewards Business Internet Customers with Higher Speeds

July 17, 2016

**Introducing faster speeds up to 40Mbps**

Batelco, in line with its commitment to provide its customers the best Internet experience, is introducing new Business Internet packages. The enhanced Internet packages will deliver higher speeds at the same price. Within the porfolio of enhanced offerings, and to meet rising demand, Batelco is also launching two new internet speeds for business customers, of up to 20Mbps and up to 40Mbps.

To empower business operations and achieve operational excellence, Batelco encourages organisations to attain services with high availability, reliability, and high speed connectivity. The introduction of the new packages showcases Batelco’s commitment towards equipping organisations with the required connectivity to enable them to excel. Additionally, Batelco has over 20 years of experience in the Internet business and can offer a fully redundant network with diversified international global reach. Furthermore, and to attain more value from their Business Internet, businesses can subscribe to a wide range of value added services such as Mobile 4G LTE Backup, cloud services,traffic shaping solutions, Multiple Fixed IPs and more. Overall, Batelco’s business customers have dedicated teams of specialized technical experts and Account Managers to support customer requirements at all times.

Batelco Bahrain CEO Muna Al Hashemi said that Batelco is focused on providing a complete portfolio of solutions for the Enterprise sector.

“We understand that the business sector is the backbone of Bahrain’s economy and the availabiliy of  the latest communication solutions is of paramount importance. As such, Batelco supports businesses in their efforts to streamline costs and be competitive; we believe our efforts in delivering enhanced Internet services with no increase in rates is of great benefit in supporting business excellence,” Mrs. Al Hashemi noted.

“As part of Batelco’s continuous efforts to keep-up with technology advancements and providing cutting-edge solutions, we are glad to provide internet speeds of up to 40Mbps for the enterprise sector.”

“This is part of Batelco’s strategic plan to connect business customers to very high speed access to the Internet to transform their user experience. Being able to provide businesses with faster internet gives them a competitive edge over others and boosts their efficiency,” she concluded.

The new line up of enhanced Business Internet packages are available for existing and new customers. Detailed information about Batelco’s Business Solutions can be found on or Business customers may contact their Account Manager directly. New customers are invited to call 17 88 11 77.